Are You Guilty of These Acts?

Instant gratification. While it is often desired, it is also problematic. Things that are worth having require patience and work, but who wants to hear that when they are trying to grow their hair?

We think…no one.

However, the need for instant gratification can cause issues regarding your hair care routine. In a desperate need to improve your hair, you may lose focus on basic instructions and realistic expectations. This oversight could actually be causing more harm to your hair than good.

Here are some common haircare mistakes that may further delay your hair gratification.



Only Co-Washing Your Hair

 This is a common argument in the natural hair community: not wanting to dry your hair with over washing with shampoo. While co-washing can be beneficial, it does not provide the necessary cleansing of the scalp. Co-washing is great for that period between wash days where a light cleansing is helpful. However, a good shampoo is needed to help cleanse the scalp and hair of product build-up, dirt, and dandruff. Make sure to rinse your hair with cool water to help seal the
hair cuticle.

 Not Reading Instructions

When thinning hair is taunting you in the mirror, it is easy to want to use a hair growth product in excess for faster results. While this practice may be fueled by some companies that want just to increase your frequency of purchase, it is not beneficial to your journey or wallet.

Read the instructions and see how much and how often the product should be used. Even growth oils and serums can cause product build-up, resulting in the opposite desired effect. Using more is not going to result in faster results. All hair growth products still require time before results can be seen.

 Not Trimming Ends

While the market is full of products that will “help” split ends, the only thing that will help your hair is to cut them off. Putting a product on split ends is a temporary fix. It is like that nail polish trick our mothers showed us for pantyhose. The run may stop, but the pantyhose is forever damaged.

Cut those damaged, split ends, and focus on growing and maintaining the rest of your hair.

 Using A Rough Towel to Dry Hair

Using a regular towel to dry your hair may cause your hair to break. The friction of a body towel raises the cuticles and weakens the strands of hair. Make sure to dry your hair off with a microfiber towel. The microfiber absorbs excess water without overdrying the hair and causing it
to frizz.

A healthy hair journey requires patience in researching what is beneficial for your hair type and the time to let products do their job. As they say, you must learn to trust the process.