Feeling Lucky With Your Haircare Routine?

Bamboo has a history of symbolizing strength and prosperity. To be given a lucky bamboo is to be blessed in Chinese culture with the number of stalks determining the blessing. While often believed to be a plant, bamboo actually belongs to the grass family and is known for its versatility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Here two unexpected ways in which bamboo powder is beneficial to the growth and health of your hair:

Scalp Healing Agent: With its scalp-soothing and detoxifying properties, bamboo is also known to promote cell growth and help rejuvenate skin. This powerhouse combination improves circulation in the scalp; therefore, creating the foundation for better hair growth.

Collagen Booster: As we get older, our natural collagen production slows. The decrease in collagen causes our hair to become brittle, limp, and dull. Bamboo helps to increase cell turnover which helps to strengthen and boost collagen production. The collagen helps to strengthen the hair shaft while decreasing brittleness and shedding.

To maximize the benefits of bamboo powder in your hair growth journey, we highly suggest using our Moisture Repair Revitalizing Shampoo on wash day. The bamboo penetrates deep to help break up any product build up and to cleanse the scalp of pollutants and dead skin cells.

A hair growth journey is often more than just luck (unless you have “good” genes). It is about finding products with ingredients that are beneficial and not just fillers or temporary solutions.

So the next time you purchase a product outside of J. Antoinette 1927, ask yourself, “Am I feeling lucky?”