Is Toxicity Bringing Back Relaxers

Choosing to go natural can be difficult for some women. While we love seeing the natural kinks and curls of black hair, we also understand that going natural can be a lot of work.

Over the last 15 years, the beauty industry saw a decrease in the sales of relaxers, and many women found themselves seeking out hairdressers specializing in natural hair. Conversations swirled in the natural hair community about why women decided to transition and often encouraged others to leave chemical relaxers behind.

However, it seemed like women who made the decision to maintain their relaxed hair were not represented in the black hair community as prominently in recent years. But it looks like those quiet voices may start to get a little louder as we see more women return to the temptations of “creamy crack”

Let’s talk about why women are making the choice to return to relaxers.


Time & Manageability

It is no secret that maintaining natural hair can be a bit time-consuming. Wash day can literally be a whole day for some women.

For those with thicker or coarser hair, returning back to relaxers appeals to the ability to be able to style their hair quickly without sacrificing a neat appearance.


The cost of having relaxed hair vs. natural can be subjective. However, when one is searching for the right product to maintain their natural hair, it can feel as though you are spending more money than before your transition.

Lack of Representation & Support

Over the years, there has been an increase in commentary about the texturism in the natural hair community. Women have vocalized how natural hair content seems to favor loose curl patterns and sideline those with textures closer to 4C type hair.

Earlier this year, Refinery 29 wrote an article calling the natural hair community toxic for women with 4C hair. Several women addressed their disappointment with not receiving the support to love and maintain their natural hair texture.

At J. Antoinette 1927, we value the health of your hair and you feeling good with any style you choose to wear. While we often talk about natural hair, we respect the decision of our customers who choose to relax their tresses.

Ultimately, we want to make sure your hair is at its best no matter the style or texture. Shop with us to find products that will make your hair shine whether it's natural or chemically treated.