The Importance of Pregnancy & Postpartum Haircare

Motherhood is a revolving door of stress and beautiful moments. Those feelings are often reflected in your hair journey from the glorious growth pregnancy brings to the almost traumatizing shedding of postpartum.

While it is essential to give proper attention to the development of your child, it is equally vital to focus on taking care of yourself. Because when mama isn’t happy....well no one is happy.

So let’s start with hair care...


First, it is important to remember that postpartum shedding is normal. 40-50% of women experience shedding within 2 months of giving birth and it can last anywhere from 6 months to a year.*

However, despite the normalcy of it all, no woman enjoys looking in the mirror and seeing thinning hairlines. Therefore, you must be proactive in maintaining and retaining that pregnancy mane.

Here are a few tips to add to your hair care routine during pregnancy & postpartum:

  • Take vitamins/supplements: Prenatal vitamins are not just great for your baby, they are also great for your hair. They are packed with folic acid, a B vitamin that promotes cell growth. After baby (especially if you are not trying for another), consider switching to supplements containing collagen. The American Pregnancy Association also recommends the following: Vitamin B complex, biotin (B7), and Iron.**

  • Nutrient-Rich Hair Care Products: Look for products that do more than temporarily moisturize your hair. Invest in nutrient-rich products that will penetrate the hair shaft and promote a healthy scalp; therefore, helping strengthen your hair during the drop in estrogen postpartum.

  • No More Cotton: Make sure you are not damaging the hair cuticles with the friction of a cotton towel or pillowcase. Your wash days should consist of a microfiber towel and every day should end with a satin pillowcase.

  • Take time for yourself: We know, we know. Taking time for yourself can seem difficult especially if this is your first child. But taking time for yourself is crucial for your mental health. When we do not allow ourselves to be taken care of mentally, often our bodies and hair feel the negative, physical result.

While grey hairs are probably in your near future (may your kid never discover a milk crate challenge), at least you can provide the care for a magnificent head of hair (to add hair dye to).

Just remember Mama, you are doing a great job and you deserve to take care of yourself.