What is Cupuacu Butter?

Butter just makes everything better. The rich fats of good butter can turn some of the driest toast into a delicious breakfast and the thirsty locs into moisturized coils of envy.

Despite what your nutritionist may tell you, butter is good….for your hair.

Cupuacu butter is related to the family of cocoa butter. It is extracted from the Cupuacu seed, which originates from a tree grown in the Amazon rainforests of South America. The main difference between cocoa butter and Cupuacu butter is that the latter is higher in oleic acid.

Oleic acid is essentially a monounsaturated oil that penetrates the hair shaft better than most oils. Therefore, the hair is better protected and moisturized.


Here are a few more reasons to butter up your hair with Cupuacu:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties soothe dry, irritated scalp
2. Long-lasting hydration
3. Stimulates hair growth
4. Provides UV protection
5. Lightweight and will not weigh down hair
6. It improves hair texture and fights frizz.


How can you begin to repair dry, damaged hair when you don’t have proper hydration? Our Moisture Repair Cream delivers deep, penetrating, and long-lasting moisture with the help of Cupuacu butter and our nourishing list of plant-based ingredients.

Moisture Repair Cream provides the hair with a heavy supply of nutrients without weighing down any styles. Discover the difference in a product formulated with care and see how your hair thrives.