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Specifically curated by our owner Lashelle Z. Bain, this set is designed to help you grow, maintain and protect your hair. Used exclusively to hydrate and lock in moisture as she battled through postpartum hair shedding, these products together not only hydrated and moisturized her hair but stimulated growth in all the areas that she had experienced hair loss in. This set contains:

Hydrotherapy Mist: Hydrate hair strands, locks water and moisture on to the hair. Allows moisture to last from wash day to wash day.

Leave In Conditioner: This multi use conditioner softens, detangles and moisturizes hair strands

Twist & Curl Souffle: Adds superb, long lasting moisture to hair strands and promotes hair growth

Follicle Stimulating Serum: This potent Ayurvedic serum stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Katherine Downer (Swansea, US)
15 days later

I have not received my package and the online status says to check back

Stephanie Linn (Dansville, US)
It works

My hair is slowly growing. I have a huge bald spot from postpartum hair loss and it’s been working. Going to continue

Leonardo Chambers (Dallas, US)

I love the way it makes my head tingle. Gives good moisture, but still waiting on growth to kick in. Will definitely keep using until I see results

F.B. (Houston, US)
Great products!

My favorites are the twist souffle & grow oil. That oil is so soothing and I do see improvement with my edges since I've been using the oil and being gentle on them. The twist souffle is like no other cream I've tried! It's thick but not so much that it sits on top of the hair. I have dense 4c hair that is past bra strap length, but I didn't need much product like I usually do with other leave-in.

denise AMORY (Birmingham, GB)
Just getting started

I ordered from the UK and my order arrived in good time. Excellent customer service.
I’ve just got started using the products so I’ll send an update on my progress in a month or so. My key issue is my hairline, which has been weak for almost 20 years due to tight braiding. Hopefully the stimulation oil will help to improve it, as well as improving the general thickness of my hair.